TrayMall Media

An E-Commerce Portal Solution



About TrayMall Media

TrayMall Asia is an E-Commerce portal group of companies which focus in providing business to business service for small and medium enterprises and establishments.

We strive help small and medium establishments by giving them opportunities to project their presence into the digital world. It’s painfully difficult to tag small and medium businesses into this “controlled” market where big players make the highest shares of profits. TrayMall Media provides bridging service by offering our clients means of ways for consumers such as E-Wallet options and Voucher services.

We do not impose too much restrictions on our vendors or even charge commissions based on the number of sales they make. A set yearly listing fees is all it need and we will not monitor your profits whether you make $1000 or $10000 per month. There are no restrictions between vendors and clients. Our clients and vendors can interact freely via their Facebook business pages, Instagram or via their embedded Lazada stores or their own online stores, websites and marketplace. There will be no 3rd party intervention unless there are certain issues such as disputes or any other matter arises which requires us to intervene.


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