Ads Placement

Where ads mean more thing than just pasting it all across the billboard!

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Ads Placement Measurements


  • Rotating Ads – Ads will be placed according to rotating order.
  • Fixed Ads – Premium ads will be placed fixed within the stipulated time frame.



We will provide impression counts by the end of your ads placing contract.


Impression and any other charges.

We will not charge per Impression or per click or any other complicated and hidden charges. You will be charged per Ad placed. Fixed Ads are sponsor columns and you will be charged per Ad placed according to site location and page.


Ad Banner type

Text: Any fonts legible and must be Latin characters in English or Malay followed by additional text characters, If any. (E.G. Mandarin, Tamil, Japanese etc).

Background color: Background must not be strikingly colored which makes the text illegible.

Picture sizing: Picture sizing will do not supersede the text size. Image must be clear, Prominent and focused.

Type of ads: Animated or static

File size: 2MB and below for image ads



Sizing:use the sizing example above.


Sizing:use the sizing example above.


Sizing:use the sizing example above.


Video Ads

Video ads are normally fixed and they will be set as premium content. You can tag your ad from YouTube (up to 30 seconds). Ads uploaded in our must be 7mb and below. File Size must not exceed 15MB and resolution must be 640 X 480 pixels and below

Smallest size

Medium size

Large Size

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