TrayMall Asia is a search portal which enables users to easily scout for Halal supplies and services. There are a set of requirements before vendors are allowed to be listed in this portal. Muslim owned establishments/vendors are not required to produce any Halal certifications but are strongly encouraged for product exports and to provide confidence to consumers. Non Muslim (or mixed owned) establishments/vendors are allowed to display their listings as long as they are able to produce a valid Halal certification and certified halal logo must be displayed prominently on their listing page. Please note that Only 4 Halal certification from these 4 regions are recognized. (Please see below)


Important Information

Halal Certifications

The word Halal حلال in Arabic is placed in the middle which is them followed a “HALAL” text in Roman for all Halal certification logos approved and certified within the following countries.

Only Halal certified Muslim and Non-Muslim owned vendors/establishments will be allowed to produce and reveal Halal certified logos on their listings. Sharing and leasing of halal certifications for verification is strictly not allowed.


Halal Certifications from 4 regions

Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura – MUIS – Singapore https://www.muis.gov.sg/

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia – JAKIM – Malaysia http://www.halal.gov.my/v4/

Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal – BPJPH – Indonesia https://kemenag.go.id -Website In Indonesian Language Only

Kementerian Hal Ehwal Ugama – KHEW – Bruneihttp://www.kheu.gov.bn/ -Website In Brunei Malay Language Only


Note:  Halal certification from Indonesia (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal) Islamic body (Kementrian Agama Republic Indonesia) is required for every products to be exported to Indonesia.

Any other non-certified Halal Logo (E.G. Simple or generic Halal Logo) or any other Halal certifications not issued by any of these 4 regions will not be accepted.

Example of halal logo which will not be accepted.



Muslim Owned Establishments

Muslim owned establishments/vendors are required to produce a valid identification (such as company registration certificate and ownership information) and must be operated by the same owner. Certified Muslim owned establishments/vendors will be issued a certification logo, along with a registration number issued at the bottom level. (E.G. TRM10000SG, SG being the country of origin issued. SG-Singapore, ID-Indonesia, MY-Malaysia, BN-Brunei) This logo can be used and affixed at any of their premises registered under the same ownership. This logo can also be used in their own websites.

Logos With no registration numbers will not be valid. Please report to us via email on support[at]traymall.com

For more information about product exports or for any other inquiries, please email us on sales[at]traymall.com